Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Where does the Chinese name come from

Fu, a multi-ethnic, multi-source clan of ancient surnames, ranks third in the list of Chinese surnames, accounting for about 0.55 percent of the country's population. The population of fu's surname, Cheap nfl jerseysfu, has grown by about 20 times from 440,000 to 8.87 million since the beginning of the Ming dynasty. Fu's population has grown at a slower rate than the national population. The nationwide distribution is mainly concentrated in anhui, hunan, sichuan, henan and other four provinces, accounting for about 35 percent of the total population of fu. More than 6.1 million people.
There are five things about fu's provenance:
1. The origin of fu's name is said by the name of wu ding, Yin gao zong. According to the legend, the shang emperor wuding, in order to revitalize the country, hoped to find a good minister who would assist him. One evening, see a saint named said the scripts in a dream (make), that is the ideal person, wake up all over the collectors also have no, his advisers and folk, finally in Fu Yan pinglu county (now shanxi east) found in a slave to build wall said. Wu ding, after talking with him, believed that he was a saint, so he used him as his counterpart, and the world was ruled, and wuding was praised as "zhongxing Ming Lord". Because he said it was from fu yan, he took fu as his last name and called him fu. In the tang dynasty, "yuan and surname code" also recorded: "fu, after Yin xiang said, built on boyan, because of his surname." The author of "the words and deeds of the famous people", "guangyun", "the last name" and zheng qiao's "tongzhi clan" are all said, which can be seen from this, the fu said, the first ancestor of fu.
2. By the name of ji. Another source of fu's surname, "the tang book and the prime minister's family table" : "from the family name of ji, the emperor of the yellow emperor was the chief of fu fu, because he thought of him." The term "fu" is the grandson of huang di.
3. The surname is yao, the descendant of shundi, the name of the country. According to the source of last name, cheap hatsthe ancient city of fu (the former city of zaozhuang, shandong province), and the descendants of shunzhi. The name of the country is fu.
4. From the name of lai, from the name of the refuge changed to fu's. According to the "lai clan spectrum", the lai clan was killed by the king of chu, and luo and fu were the victims of the reign of the king of chu.
5. There are ethnic minority changes in qing dynasty. Manchurian after entering the central plains, the part of the manchu aristocrats Chinese surname Fourier instead, such as the qing emperor kangxi years liangjiang governor fu la tower, and pacify qianlong jinchuan, quasi algor and myanmar, the officer to the governor of Baohe Palace in sichuan and shanxi university Fu Heng (the name of the rich was made) and fu (the surname LangJiaShi), and Korean, Mongolian, hui, horse, soil and other ethnic minorities to fu.
Fu was formed in Yin, the shang dynasty, which developed mainly in the north. By the end of the tang dynasty, the northern part of fu shi was scattered throughout the south, and later spread to today's sichuan, guangdong, guangxi and fujian provinces, and then thrived. By the Ming dynasty, fu's had spread throughout the southern provinces. In the qing dynasty, wholesale jerseysfu's emigration from fujian province was followed by his emigration.
Fu was a great performer in Chinese history, such as fu kuan, the founder of han gaozu in the western han dynasty, and fu yi, an astronomer in the eastern han dynasty. At the time of three kingdoms wei fu philosophers Gu; Fu xuan of fu xuan, the philosopher and the author of the western jin dynasty; Fu yi, a scholar in tang dynasty, was the prime minister of wu zetian. Fu Lin, doctor of the song dynasty; In the early Ming dynasty, there were general and yingguo fu. In the Ming and qing dynasties, there were thinkers, medical scientists and calligrapher fu shan. In the qing dynasty, there was a copy of the book of the ministry of industry. Modern deputy health minister fu even 暲; Fu zuoyi, general of the kuomintang (KMT) and minister of water power; Painter, art educator fu baoshi and so on, have made extraordinary achievements in history.
1, county at
: north county seat warlords in righteousness canal (now northwest gansu province qingyang), the eastern han dynasty moved cure fuping (now southwest of ningxia hui autonomous region Wu Zhong), at the end of the eastern han dynasty to the qiang hu, The Three Kingdoms, cao wei today's shaanxi Yao County, rich equally.
Qinghe county: qinghe county: han gaodi county, after the change of the state, cheap snapback hatsthe yuan emperor yongguang after the county, the hospital in qingyang (in the northeast of qinghe, hebei province). The eastern han was changed to the kingdom and the gan ling (now in linqing east of shandong province).
2, tong he tong
Xing shang tang: shang wu ding always wants to revitalize his country, but lacks the good people to help. One night he dreamed that the saint came to him. The sage said he was a great man. So wuding drew the image of the saint and ordered many people to look for it. The result was found a mason in fu yan, who was building a wall there, and he was very much like the man in the dream of wu ding. That's what fu said. Please come to the court, and he helped to revitalize the shang dynasty. It is the prime minister of history.
In addition, the main title of fu's surname is: "qing river hall", "the building hall", "the wild version hall" and so on for its cousin.
1. Fu has a lot of politicians in history, and the people of fuze are admired by the descendants.
2. The Chinese characters are ordered in order. For example, the fu family of fu qiao village in the town of zhu LAN in the town of zhu LAN, in the city of suzhou in suzhou, anhui province:
Longda Ming is like heng (lian), huai (from) jade (from) the scholar, wen (long) color saves renxi, sheng deqi, cheap jerseysthe family first said filial piety, and the way of yongqing xiang, etc.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

57 million four years

The finals this season has ended, this means that all of the season is over, the warriors to 4:1 suspense to get the championship, cheap nfl hatsthe title can say is, they are one of the best teams in this league. For them, however, is also worthy of respect their opponent in the finals, the cavaliers before the finals, in the eastern conference also can be said to be the big kill, but their strength is slightly smaller in the NBA finals. In the finals, lebron James is still maintained a very terrorist, averaging 33.6 points and 12 rebounds and 10 assists in the data is very bright, Owen in the two games behind the play are really are amazing. But in the game's most impressive may be in addition to a person other than the big three!
JR Smith's performance in the NBA finals, despite its ups and downs, but he was the cavaliers are very important, although in the first two games of the NBA finals, he is still the continuation of the previous round of the playoffs playing poor state, two matches scored 3 points in total, the cavs didn't give any help, but starting from the third war, because the cavaliers as soon as you start to advocate hit him this, also let he found his role and value! With 16 points in the third game, 15 points in the fourth and 25 points in the fifth, nfl jerseys cheaphe has been the most consistent offense in the cavaliers' perimeter in three games.
In the third game 5 of 10 shots from beyond the three-point shots in game 4 and 5 of 9, 7 of 8 three-point shots in game 5, three games added up to 17 of 27 three-point shots, this shot is really surprising, especially in the decision of life and death game 5, the cavaliers have completely desperate circumstances, it is JR Smith hit 3-pointers, let the game remains the suspense, say that he is the best snipers, Cleveland in the finals to James and Michael Owen to share too much pressure!
Last offseason, cavaliers and he signed a four-year contract worth $57 million, the contract for an average of $14.25 million, a lot of people think for him, the contract is really not worth, the cavaliers could use such a contract to sign a very good young players, although the age of JR has late into the career, but for him, in the case of so many premium contract, cheap hatsthis contract really premium?
From this year's finals after three games, we can see, JR Smith contract is really worth it, on the cavaliers in three seasons, he has been in the playoffs the cavaliers are most heavily on the perimeter of reckoning, in 2015, he averaged 12.8 points in the playoffs, reaching 36% on threes, averaging can hit close to three 3-pointers, in the 2016 playoffs, he can is averaging 11.5 points, which reached 43% on threes, able to hit 3.1 threes, the playoffs this season, he averaged only 8.1 points, but after the most critical three finals, his performance is enough to satisfy all the fans!
Anyway, this year's event has ended, for Smith, in his cavaliers still has three years left on his contract, in this three years, he will do our best to help James to get the final championship, Cheap jerseyshe also has the ability!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Enrique took the ninth crown in three years

In spite of the coach of Barcelona last season, failed to win la liga and the champions league to enrique disappointed, but three seasons won nine league titles, cheap MLB Hats,or can let enrique left Barcelona with his head high. Every Barcelona coach has to compare with guardiola,  but enrique has left his legacy for Barcelona.
The nine trophies he won make enrique one of the most successful Barcelona managers ever, but what will he really remember? Since taking over Barcelona in 2014, enrique has been holding a trophy every season, but he is still under the shadow of guardiola. Journalist ba gulag points out, "guardiola has changed the history of football. In nothing after two seasons, pep guardiola changed the shape of the Barcelona, he built to the base of successful enrique."
Such infrastructure including pique, busquets, iniesta and messi at the heart of the player, in Allah's king's cup final, they all start and play an important role, however, enrique took over after a job well done and should not be forgotten. In the season when martino was in charge, Barcelona were in the air and neymar didn't meet expectations. Puyol has retired and xavi is leaving camp nou.
Barca needs to update the tactics, and enrique has completed this important step. In Harvey age-related, cheap nba hatsslump and suarez from Liverpool after joining, enrique gradually transferred from midfield to strike at the center of the Barcelona's tactics, the way Barcelona play more direct, sometimes even directly to bypass the midfield, and the ball striker.
The gulag, points out that "on the basis of pep guardiola leave skeleton, enrique shifted direction. Such a change is critical, because it out of the nature of Barcelona, we from the pep guardiola and his previous rijkaard, cruyff learned is that football is a game played by midfielder. This is the essence of Barcelona."
However, this style of change has brought great success. Messi, suarez and neymar scored 122 goals in their first season at enrique, and Barcelona won three. In the second season, MSN scored 134 goals, and they won the double. Guardiola may have made one of the best teams in history, but probably never had a more powerful trident than MSN.
Critics believe that messi, suarez and his players will make any coach's job easier, but after all is enrique created the environment for them. The only problem is that barca relies too heavily on MSN, so when neymar's scoring has dropped from 31 to 19 this season, the consequences will soon be revealed. Real Madrid can rely on, Mr Mora tower and J such substitute to through difficult moments, but once the state of the main players, then Barcelona will inevitably fail. Both Lionel messi and neymar broke in the king's cup final, but this season, cheap nfl fitted hatsMSN's goal totals dropped to 111.
In big-money signing Andre - gomez, he has not been integrated into the team make enrique has met a lot of questions, and half under 4 defeat at Paris st germain, deportivo la coruna, malaga and juve to enrique also in question. Busquets and iniesta even questioned his tactics after a 0-4 defeat at prince park in Paris in February.
For Mr Anwar is enrique coached Barcelona last home, the fans had written "is always one of us" huge banner to thank, but enrique has never won widely loved not like pep guardiola. He often seemed aloof and aloof, and seemed to face the media as an annoyance to him.
Such gestures influence the way people think of enrique, but let the Numbers speak. In charge of three season, enrique won nine trophies, it maybe couldn't catch up with the four season 14 times of pep guardiola, but another win more Barcelona coach only johan cruyff. Enrique can never be like the iconic cruyff, pep guardiola got high praise, but in his 181 games, the winning percentage is as high as 76.2%, even more than the pep guardiola.
Even in this season, Barcelona have finished just three points behind real Madrid in la liga, and in the champions league, they have completed one of the greatest reversals in history. On Saturday against Allah weiss is enrique left last memorable moments, cheap nfl snapback hatswhen the coach of Barcelona's performance is divided, but he left a proud heritage, and Mr. Wade must try my best to rival henrique.

Griezmann was first in the game

Lattice boltzmann europe-wide played for the first time in addition to the champions league final, and most of Europe this season has ended, cheap nhl jerseysthe Swiss football CIES observatory announced specific European players playing time this season, including lattice boltzmann playing time most in Europe, and pogba is the premier league players in the "hard work".
It is understood that the statistics included all of the national team and club player in the 2016/17 season, among them, the atletico Madrid striker Craig boltzmann played 63 matches in total, a total of 5454 minutes, let him become most time players in Europe. Gretzman missed only two of the Spanish liga and a dozen European champions, plus other cup matches and national teams.
Came in second is leicester city Nigeria midfielder didi, he participated in the 61 games, a total of 5290 minutes, the person in January this year to join the premier league, but his first season in the root play, the team last season began the journey of the season at the end of July. Rounding out the top three is atletico Madrid, who played 62 games in 5274 minutes, followed by Monaco and two of them.
Jose mourinho this season has been lamenting the united schedule, cheap ncaa jerseyspogba played 60 games this season, a total of 5143 minutes, row, mar (5153 points), after the seventh place across Europe, Barcelona suarez is ranked ninth in 4920 minutes. In addition, dhya (no. 19), valencia (no. 69) and herrera (no. 95) were among the top 100 European players.
The spurs' dell, eriksson, loris, vertonhen, ali and wanamar all played more than 4,000 minutes. And in the champions league final, real Madrid and Juventus on Saturday also will have 10 minutes this season in the top 100 players, higuain, gianluigi buffon, Mr, mann ZuJiJi, khedira, cross, cristiano ronaldo, ramos, marcelo and nawaz.
Premier league side, pogba for 5143 minutes at first, then were sanchez, DE gea, dell and coase, cherniy, from 6 to 10 and 4 spurs player, cheap soccer jerseyssven-goran eriksson, los rees, Mr. Tong heng and ali, only 10 is in the city's brow.

Finals four

According to the media reported the thescore lebron James in his career has 4 times of losing the NBA finals series, cheap jerseys, if he failed to win again this season, so will join jerry west and Elgin baylor and larry, foster become fourth lost five times in the history of the NBA finals series.
This time is James career eighth finals, his former seven finals record is 3-4 negative, in 2012 and 2012 he led the Miami heat won two championships, then led the cavaliers to win the championship in the last year, it was the cavaliers in the history of the first championship trophy, professional sports also over Cleveland 52 years of title drought.
In the playoffs this year, James averages 40.9 minutes of playing time, can get 32.5 points, eight rebounds and seven assists and 2.2 steals and 1.4 blocked shots, shooting 56.6%, 42.1% on threes, ft percentage is 71.2%, led the cavaliers to the finals record of 12-1, this was their third year in a row the finals.
But if you believe in the view of Las Vegas bookmakers or ESPN writer stephena. Smith, the warriors will win the championship. In this season's odds, cheap mlb jerseysthe warriors have lost 13 (13 to 18) and the Cleveland cavaliers (3, 38).
If the knight's failure to win this season, James will join, baylor and west foster, become a fourth lost five times in the history of the NBA finals series. In last year's finals, the knight had on the large score is in 1-3 behind, but then they become the finals in the history of the first in the case of 1-3 behind complete reversal of the team.
His career has been with the lakers, who went 1-8 in the finals series between 1961-62 and 1972-73. Baylor's career has been playing for the lakers, in 1958-59 to 1958-72 season, his record is 0-8 finals series negative (he retired at the beginning of the 1971-72 season).
Foster's career in pistons, lakers and hawks, and during the 1954-55 season and the 1955-56 season, he lost the NBA finals twice with the pistons. During the 1958-59 season, cheap nba jerseyshe lost the NBA finals with the lakers. During the 1959-60 season and the 1960-61 season he lost the NBA finals twice with the eagles.
James has been losing the NBA finals four times, were lost to the SAN Antonio spurs 2006-07 season, 2010-11 season loss to the mavericks, the 2013-14 season loss to the spurs and the 15-2014 loss to the warriors. But legendary stars like magic Johnson, wilt chamberlain and karim abdul-jabbar also lost the finals four times.

Arsene wenger has a raise

Arsene wenger to sign a new two-year contract with the club, according to British media revealed that the professor's salary to rise to 8 million pounds, cheap fake oakleysthis two years of his salary will be 16 million (140 million yuan).
"Unknown" arsene wenger at Arsenal in 1996, the annual salary is $500000, up to now has seven times the contract, each time a substantial increase, such as rose from 2.5 million to 5 million, 2007 contract in 2014 to 7.5 million, 8 million today.
With the latest contract extension and raises, Arsenal have set a clear goal for wenger, the premier league title. After the renewal of the boss kroenke in arsene wenger made it clear: "our goal is to win major trophies, the premier league and Europe it is fans, players, cheap snapback hatsstaff and the manager and the board of directors expected."
Club's chief executive also said: "the goal is to make the position of the club in the premier league champions, and have the competitiveness in Europe, and move on."
Obviously, after the renewal, Arsenal brought pressure to arsene wenger, the title become clear goals, but in the league today, several strongmen supremacy, gunmen have no advantage, even this season was out of the first four, hark back to the goal of the title, at this time after the renewal of nature is a coach must express a kind of attitude, but the reality is, cheap oakleysarsene wenger and the Arsenal in the next two years to return to the title race?

Real Madrid have dug azar for 100 million pounds

In British newspaper the sun reported today, Spanish giants real Madrid to the adzharian will contact the representatives of both sides was carried out three times, cheap nfl jerseysand ask for a top with Belgian player zinedine zidane, is expected to bid for 100 million pounds, if such a move, so the adzharian will refresh the football world's transfer record, Mr Must become the most expensive.
Real Madrid are in preparation for the champions league final with Juventus, according to UK media, no matter how the game results, will not change the idea of real Madrid wanted to buy the adzharian, galacticos hope by introducing Belgium star to reshuffle the frontcourt attack trident, that is to say, once the adzharian joined, so the BBC combination inevitably collapse, considering the position a firm cristiano ronaldo, then bell and one benzema is bound to become a victim.
In this season, the adzharian found a state, scored 15 goals in the premiership, Chelsea won the premiership champions, cheap hatswith that, he was in the real Madrid again. Since entering 2017, the representatives of the galleas have been in contact with azar three times. It is understood that the negotiations or very deep, discussed the adzharian since joining real Madrid, the Spanish giants formation and specific style, visible, the adzharian for have also come to real Madrid are interested in.
The sun pointed out that in order to acquire the adzharian, real Madrid are also willing to deal or no deal, take out, the £ 100 million transfer record, the money will break football after the deal is the most expensive Manchester united won the French midfielder pogba for £ 89 million. From real Madrid's big deal, they have a good idea for the Belgian star.
After the adzharian of warlords also sent out to join real Madrid, he pointed out in an interview that "my plan is to follow Chelsea win the championship, then, I want to go to real Madrid win the golden globe." Azar also likes zinedine zidane, who sees the French as an icon, so as long as they persuade him to join, wholesale jerseysreal Madrid will have a better chance of winning.
Manchester united have rejected real Madrid's offer for a 60m pound deal
Britain's the sun also pointed out that the real Madrid offer £ 60 million for DE gea to Manchester united, but was rebuffed by the premiership giants, from the point of the details, the Manchester united manager jose mourinho will not allow DE gea contract, and in the time of the rare good goalkeeper, the red devils move very wise.